Never Leaving Empty Handed - My Patient Story

"About a month later she received a call from his wife that they had qualified for $700 in Food Stamps!"

This is one of our favorite stories!!

It addresses the question that many people have when they first heard about PointCare:

"What if my patient doesn't qualify for Medicaid or Cobra?"

Here at PointCare, we have every program, for every state, in every zip code! This includes programs like Food Stamps, lighting for their homes, paid lunches for their kids at school, and many other programs that most don't know exist.

Having access to results like that means being able to provide the best patient experience, every time. We never want your members to wake away empty-handed, and this means creating a strong community and great patient experience that starts in the Enrollment Department.

Check out this Patient Story from SWLA Health Center in Louisiana:

"The patient was referred to Mrs. Thompson by the local hospital. The patient was diagnosed with Cancer and could no longer work and did not have insurance. His wife had a job as a bathroom attendant at the casino, but she didn't make much money. We qualified the patient through PointCare and helped him sign up for Medicaid but noticed he was also eligible for Food Stamps. He was not aware that he even qualified. He filled out all the paperwork and was asked for verification and additional documentation which we helped him with.

About a month later we received a call from his wife that they had qualified for $700 in Food Stamps! She was ecstatic and it was all they had to get by. They are still working on the Medicaid app and are hopeful it will be approved soon."

- Katherine Thompson, Enrollment Specialist at SWLA

Katherine, on behalf of everyone at PointCare and the patients you serve, thank you for sharing your patient story!

- Team PointCare

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