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How to Become a Business Minded FQHC - Best Impact, Best Data.

Sage Growth Partners (09/12/ 2017, PRNewswire) “A new Sage Growth Partners survey reveals that FQHC competition is on the rise; only one-third of CEOs believe they have the right leadership team at the table.”

The Importance of Proactive Coverage Management

Retroactive eligibility, a feature of Medicaid that has been around for decades, has just been eliminated in Iowa, as well as Arkansas, Indiana, and New Hampshire with New Mexico considering now too.

Best Practices: What to do when you don't have an SSN


Many times, 'bad data' happens when a member profile has incomplete patient information. The most common case we get is the patient missing their social security number. If a patient is lacking this information one of the best ways to manage is to collect BICs or SINs in the Subscriber ID field of the enrollment card.  Doing this will uplift your data and give you more actionable Verify Reports.