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Open-heart for Opioid Awareness

The countdown has entered single-digits.

The room filled with warm conversations about the weekend but started to pour over with excitement as we flagged a few more employees. We brought our attention towards the last few beats.

Have You Heard? Short-Term Plans are Now Available!

What is an STP?

Short-Term Plans were designed for healthy individuals, and families, to provide an affordable safety net while going through a major life change. Some of those changes include: loss of job, recent college graduate, a divorce, or retired and not quite eligible forMedicare. Should one of your health systems members be going through a "qualifying event" such as one of those listed above, STPs might be the right option for them! 

How to Make Your FQHC Be the Healthiest $$$ It Can Be!


How to Manage Your Member "Churn"