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FEMA Programs Added to PointCare to Support Relief Efforts

In response to the Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, PointCare has added temporary resources to our database for individuals who live in the affected counties.

What you need to know about the 330 Fiscal Cliff [Infographic]

Although the uncertainty of ACA repeal efforts has faded into the background for now, on September 30, 2017 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) face a new issue potentially impacting their 330 funding: the “fiscal cliff”. Learn what this means for your clinic and what you can do to prepare in the infographic below:

Partnership Beyond the Clinic: Lone Star Family Health Center

PointCare checked-in our friends/customers at Lone Star Family Health Center in Conroe, Texas after the news of Hurricane Harvey. Many of the Lone Star staff members’ homes were affected by this event, needing demo and rebuilding from the ground up. After connecting with Karen Harwell, Lone Star’s CFO, the PointCare team banded together to collect donations and supplies to support the clinic’s clean-up/relief efforts. Through donations and the hard work of the Lone Star Staff coming together, they began the process to recovery during Labor Day weekend. We applaud Lone Star’s tenacity as an organization to stand strong, and together ,for their staff as well as patients. We are happy to have helped our partners in their time of need and wish them a speedy and safe rebuild in the coming months. 

Screening for Patients Affected by the Fallout of the Nevada Nuclear Test Sites

An elderly woman came into North County HealthCare, to establish care at their St. Johns location. Before completing the new patient onboarding process, one of the Family Health Advocates conducted a resource screening through PointCare. One of the questions asked was “Have you lived in one of the following counties: Coconino, Apache, Navajo, Gila, Yavapai or Mohave, north of the Grand Canyon, between January 21, 1951 – October 31, 1958 or July of 1962?” Something she may not have asked otherwise unless prompted by PointCare.