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How to Become a Business Minded FQHC - Best Impact, Best Data.

Sage Growth Partners (09/12/ 2017, PRNewswire) “A new Sage Growth Partners survey reveals that FQHC competition is on the rise; only one-third of CEOs believe they have the right leadership team at the table.”

PointCare Welcomes San Ysidro Health as Newest FQHC Customer

San Ysidro Health has chosen PointCare's Total Enrollment Management product suite and Enrollment Intelligence dashboards to improve its Medi-Cal qualification, approval, and follow-up processes

San Ysidro Health, an FQHC dedicated to providing high quality and affordable health care services to San Diego residents, has chosen to implement Silicon Valley-based PointCare's Total Enrollment Management (TEM) product suite in an effort to improve its registration, benefits qualification, and enrollment management processes.
Gilbert Fimbres, CFO at San Ysidro Health, anticipates "PointCare will be the solution for our patients to have a more seamless enrollment and registration process, as well as a very helpful tool for our Patient Access Representative’s in qualifying our patients for the various types of assistance programs.”
PointCare serves more than 60 FQHC's throughout the country with nearly 1,500 users using its qualification and enrollment management tools to qualify patients, receive automated Medicaid approvals, and track enrollments for all county, state, and federal public assistance programs. Using PointCare's Enrollment Intelligence dashboards, FQHC's, like San Ysidro Health, gain instant insight into productivity and operational processes, as well as important HRSA, UDS, and other grant data being collected and analyzed on the centralized platform. 
"San Ysidro Health is a premier FQHC in the San Diego area providing valuable services to their community. We're excited to add them to our portfolio of FQHC's in California and work with them in a continued effort to simplify the discovery, access, and management of coverage for San Ysidro Health and their members," stated Everett Lebherz, Co-Founder and CEO of PointCare.
About San Ysidro Health
San Ysidro Health (formerly San Ysidro Health Center) is a non-profit organization committed to providing high quality, compassionate, accessible and affordable health care services for the entire family. The organization was founded by seven women in search of medical services for their children. Almost 50 years later, San Ysidro Health now provides innovative care to over 95,000 lives in our care through a vast and integrated network of 34 program sites across San Diego County including: medical clinics, dental clinics, behavioral health centers, HIV centers, WIC nutrition centers, mobile medical units, school-based health centers, chiropractic services, pediatric developmental clinic, teen clinic, senior health center and Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). San Ysidro Health and its program sites are designed under the concept of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care, where the patient, not the support staff or provider, is the focus of all care and services. For additional information please visit San Ysidro Health at  Connect with San Ysidro Health on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
About PointCare, LLC
PointCare works closely with health systems and advocacy organizations across the nation to simplify enrollment and coverage management. Our vision is to establish a coverage management system that allows our customers to represent their Medicaid patients in an ongoing, empowering fashion, improving retention efforts while reducing uncompensated care. Our innovative and web-based products make the qualification and enrollment tracking process fast, consistent, and data driven. Our up-to-date rules engine qualifies patients accurately in 90 seconds, saving health systems time while providing a positive patient experience. To learn more about PointCare's vision and our Total Enrollment Management products, watch our 2 minute demo or visit, follow us on social media, or email


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CPCA and PointCare partner to provide community health centers with more sustainable revenue through coverage management amidst ACA repeal