MDR™ and PointCare Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Coverage Management to Healthcare

MDR™ adds PointCare’s Total Coverage Management Platform to its portfolio of best-in-class (“Best Practices™) healthcare solutions.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - MDR™, a nationally renowned Trusted Business Advisor and provider of “Best Practices™” resources for healthcare, and PointCare, pioneers of Total Coverage Management, today announced a strategic partnership to offer a coverage management solution for healthcare providers.

Through the partnership, PointCare will deliver its leading Coverage Management Platform through MDR’s™ nationwide Network of Healthcare Business Advisors and Partners to streamline healthcare access for all. The HIPAA-compliant Coverage Management platform is the only one in the industry with up-to-date information on every public and private health coverage program in the country. In 90 seconds or less, providers can screen and qualify patients for the right coverage available to them.

“Since most Americans don’t know what coverage they are eligible to receive, yet alone how to access it, MDR™ sees the value that PointCare’s Coverage Management solution brings to the industry; especially for those most vulnerable to the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). MDR™ applauds PointCare for filling a void in the healthcare industry through its vision of Total Coverage Management,” said J. Greg Eisele, FACHE, President & CEO, MDR™.

PointCare’s unique solution also includes an interactive reporting dashboard that streamlines reimbursements, manages enrollment, and effectively facilitates operational performance, all while optimizing revenue.

“With the uncertainty of the ACA in the balance, it is crucial for health systems to have a platform like PointCare to secure revenue through more covered visits.”

“Coverage Management is vital for the financial well-being of health systems and patients. With MDR’s™ depth of expertise, our partnership will benefit the Federally Qualified Health Centers (“FQHCs”) and hospitals we serve, while also helping bring better healthcare access to patients that need it the most,” said Everett Lebherz, Co-Founder and CEO of PointCare.

About PointCare

PointCare is pioneering healthcare access through its intuitive Total Coverage Management Platform. PointCare works closely with community health centers, health systems, and advocacy organizations across the nation to simplify coverage management by connecting people to the right programs available to them; because access to healthcare should be simple, secure, and obtainable for all. PointCare makes coverage management and the process of enrollment simple, standardized, and much more reportable. With over 1,000 users across 18 states, PointCare qualifies more than 15,000 FQHC members per month. Learn more at

About MDR
MDR™ has served the healthcare industry since 1998 as Trusted Business Advisors and Provider of Best Practices™ in “Solving Business Problems in Healthcare”. MDR™ is led by a seasoned team of experienced healthcare leaders in multiple disciplines. With its team’s extensive background and experience in “hands on management” and leadership with leading edge healthcare organizations and through partnerships with Best Practices™ resource partners, meaningful, measurable and sustainable differences in bottom line financial and operational performance are realized. Visit for more information.

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