PointCare Powers Up Public and Private Coverage for Uninsured Patients

Health systems using PointCare have qualified over 300,000 uninsured patients for coverage

August 23, 2017 -- Today, PointCare announces that more than 300,000 patients have qualified for public and/or private coverage options through its coverage management platform in the past 12 months - translating to over $12 million in reimbursable revenue for its current health system customers.

By maintaining the industry’s only database of public, private and additional coverage options, PointCare gives health systems an advantage by staying critically aware of eligibility changes allowing for better qualification and enrollment rates - allowing health systems to more accurately qualify patients for coverage.

"With PointCare, we have access to information on every coverage option available, which is crucial for identifying the right coverage for our diverse patient population” said, Alex Armstrong, CEO of Alliance Medical Center.

As the American Health Care Act (AHCA) sways in the balance, many programs patients once qualified for under Obamacare will have changes that will directly impact patient eligibility and revenues to the health system.

“Our vision for PointCare is to implement an eligibility management system that allows all health systems to adapt to the ever-changing coverage landscape. This begins with patients instantly and accurately qualifying for the correct programs available to them,” said Everett Lebherz, Co-founder and CEO of PointCare.

PointCare’s dynamic 90-second qualification process fills the gap in properly qualifying uninsured patients for public and private financing. On average, enrollment managers using PointCare are qualifying over 25,000 patients per month for federal, state, and local programs, including community benefits and additional resources.

PointCare currently has a network of more than 1,300 enrollment managers on the platform, up 30% during the second quarter of 2017 and is expected to double by 2018.

To learn more about PointCare stop by booth #408 at NACHC Com­mu­nity Health Insti­tute (CHI) and Expo or visit

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