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Sage Growth Partners (09/12/ 2017, PRNewswire) “A new Sage Growth Partners survey reveals that FQHC competition is on the rise; only one-third of CEOs believe they have the right leadership team at the table.”

There is no argument that being on the leadership team of an FQHC means making hard decisions with the amount of resources you have, and with every decision we become more painfully aware of the lack of data, resources, and funding that our FQHCs have. Whether it be combating the massive turn-over rates, trying to solve the high write offs of the uninsured, to HRSA reporting and audits, there never seems to be enough to help your business run smoother and more effectively.

Sage Growth Partners (SGP) is a Baltimore-based firm whose focus is a research, strategy, and marketing in the field of healthcare. On September 12th, 2017 they announced a survey that highlighted the main challenges that every CEO in today’s federally qualified health center (FQHCs) face. SGP worked with 175 CEOs, which represent 13% of all FQHCs.

To access the full survey please click here.

Here is a summary of the survey results:

  • Profits are the least tracked metric for FQHCs (4th behind PT growth, visit growth, and operating margin)
  • FQHCs are looking for alternative payment models
  • CEOs are not confident in their leadership team
  • Competition within industry (46% cite other FQHCs as source of competition)
  • Positive partnerships exist between hospitals, but few opportunities result from them
  • Marketing is seen a necessary, but it’s under developed or not a priority

While there are many hard decisions that every FQHC leadership team needs to make, here is one that won’t be hard. PointCare has a unique, efficient, and accurate way to save you money, bring in more revenue, and give you the necessary data your facility needs to make profit growth a reality.  

PointCare helps you to:

  • Identify the exact revenue opportunity to convert your unissued visits into covers visits
  • Use software as the workflow to convert these visits
  • Understand the data needed to make more business decisions about your enrollment department

Schedule a vision call with us today and see what how PointCare can help make you a business minded FQHC and become the model that your fellow FQHCs will you look to for guidance.  

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