New Medicaid Expansions

Three states are expanding Medicaid in the next year, affecting over half a million Americans. This change will allow for more people to meet Medicaid criteria, particularly low income childless adults. With more patients than ever before, qualifying patients quickly and accurately is key to converting self-pay to covered visits. 


Expanding States

Nebraska: October 1, 2020- Affects 93,000

Missouri: July 1, 2021- Affects 230,000- on hold

Oklahoma: July 1, 2021- Affects 200,000


PointCare’s Qualify API uses a nationally curated database so you can screen uninsured patients using their data to identify all possible coverage options and benefits. In addition to options like Medicaid, county programs, and COBRA, PointCare’s Qualify API screening also includes social determinants of health, a critical aspect of patient satisfaction that helps you provide benefits to the community you serve.


Once you’ve qualified a patient in 90 seconds, you will receive a list of programs that match your patient’s data. Results include application checklist and contact information for each program, presented in 11 different languages. Print, email, or text results to patients, giving them everything the need to get the application processes started. 


Also available is our end-to-end enrollment software. Along with Qualify, you can manage the entire process with Enroll and automatically Verify a patient’s Medicaid coverage. All of our software is easy to use and fast to implement, meaning that you can quickly.


Our clients find that when they screen every patient with PointCare, approval rates increase 53%. More approvals lead to more covered visits and more revenue, at a lower cost. 


Medicaid expansion gives you more opportunities to find coverage and benefit options for your self-pay population. Whether you are in Missouri, Nebraska, Missouri, or one of the other states, PointCare helps you convert self-pay to covered visits. 


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About PointCare


PointCare, founded in 2012, serves Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), hospitals, and Revenue Cycle Managers (RCMs) by building technology to help better manage uninsured populations. PointCare’s software and centralized eligibility database help hundreds of thousands of Medicaid and self-pay patients and their providers identify eligible programs for new enrollments and ensure ongoing maintenance of current coverage.

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