8,796 Details Keeping Your Uninsured Patients From Getting Coverage

During 2020 we saw a record high of 8,796 changes to health programs across the country, including new programs, eligibility criteria, and updated applications. It is likely that many of these changes were driven by COVID-19 and the shifting healthcare landscape. Although Q4’s 1,394 changes were the fewest of any quarter, more programs overall had some kind of change when compared to the previous quarter. 

Here are a few highlights from Q4:


  • 78 eligibility requirement changes
  • 563 changes to program applications 
  • 3 new programs


Common Question: My staff already tracks these changes, how can PointCare help? 

This is something we hear all of the time at PointCare! The truth is, last year there were 8,796 changes to programs including eligibility, applications, contact information, and more. This is a lot to track, even for the most experienced eligibility rep.

At PointCare, we have a team that monitors these eligibility updates, so you know that when you screen someone you have the most up-to-date and accurate information. Accurate screenings lead to more approvals and more enrollments! 


Social Determinants of Health

In addition to coverage options, PointCare’s Qualify screens for programs that address health outcomes related to Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). These programs aim to assist patients with other resources that directly affect health and wellness, like help with food scarcity. SDoH are recognized as an increasingly important part of the patient satisfaction experience. 


How Does PointCare Help?

PointCare ensures a standardized and data-driven qualification process. Using our nationally curated database of all insurance and benefit programs nationwide, team members know that they are sharing up-to-date information with patients. Once this 90-second screening is complete, the patient can receive results via email, text, or print. 

PointCare is now offering Qualify API as a stand alone product in addition to our Total Enrollment Management platform. Request a demo.

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