How One Led to Another - My Story

My story is about a gentleman that came into our clinic to apply for My Health LA. I screened him through PointCare and gave him the list of programs he qualified for. When he saw the list he was very impressed and asked if I printed out a list for everyone that comes to apply. I answered yes, and went on to explain that results vary by individual based on their responses to PointCare Qualify.

A couple of weeks later he came back into the office and asked me if could print out another list. As I was about to re-print his list, the gentleman told me it was not for him but for his friend. His friend was a big doubter of the healthcare system and had heard many terrible stories from other people. The gentleman was hoping that the list would encourage his friend to change his mind and come apply for benefits.

A couple of days later his friend showed up at the clinic questioning me if it was really true that he was eligible for the programs on the list. After screening him I determined he was eligible for My Health LA and enrolled him. Thanks to PointCare this gentleman was able to enroll in the right program and make the correct choice for his healthcare.

- Marvin Dominguez, Enrollment Manager at Eisner Pacific

Marvin, on behalf of everyone at PointCare and the patients you serve, thank you for sharing your patient story!

- Team PointCare

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