How to Manage Your Member "Churn"


How many of your members are losing coverage?

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According to a Quality Institute analysis of Medicaid data from 2013 through 2016, tens of thousands of patients lose coverage each month when they are determined to be ineligible — including several thousand who may still qualify for the program, but could not be reached because they moved, or changed phones, as well as those unable to provide the proper paperwork in time. 

Note: PointCare’s data suggests 5%, or 3.8M patients drop from public coverage every single month.


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How does that affect your FQHC or CHC?

As a direct result of the complexity of the system, [Medicaid] beneficiaries who are otherwise eligible lose coverage and then need to be re-enrolled — a process referred to as “churn,” - the institute notes in its Medicaid 2.0 report. These patients are sometimes forced to seek medical services elsewhere and don’t have the continuity of care provided by regular visits to the same primary-care provider.


What’s the Solution? 

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Get ahead of the “Churn” with PointCare!

PointCare’s Enrollment Intelligence Platform makes managing your members' re-enrollments simpler than ever before. With our customized dashboards and data analytics your enrollment team is equipped with on demand reports of who is covered and who is at risk of “churning." 

  • Run period specific reports 
  • Set and manage effective dates
  • Schedule re-determination dates
  • Manage your members' application status
  • Receive automated Medicaid approval notifications


Want to see first hand how PointCare can help you manage your Medicaid lapsed members?

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Note Our Customer Success Advisors have implemented PointCare in over 600 FQHCs nationwide. We are now providing free enrollment cycle assessments for those who qualify. Learn more at

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