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Never Leaving Empty Handed - My Patient Story

"About a month later she received a call from his wife that they had qualified for $700 in Food Stamps!"

Strides Toward a Healthier Community - My Story

"With the tools we have and knowledge we continue to gain each day, I look forward to the day we can happily say that our communities are fully insured. Let's continue striving for a healthier community."

How One Led to Another - My Story

My story is about a gentleman that came into our clinic to apply for My Health LA. I screened him through PointCare and gave him the list of programs he qualified for. When he saw the list he was very impressed and asked if I printed out a list for everyone that comes to apply. I answered yes, and went on to explain that results vary by individual based on their responses to PointCare Qualify.

Screening for Patients Affected by the Fallout of the Nevada Nuclear Test Sites

An elderly woman came into North County HealthCare, to establish care at their St. Johns location. Before completing the new patient onboarding process, one of the Family Health Advocates conducted a resource screening through PointCare. One of the questions asked was “Have you lived in one of the following counties: Coconino, Apache, Navajo, Gila, Yavapai or Mohave, north of the Grand Canyon, between January 21, 1951 – October 31, 1958 or July of 1962?” Something she may not have asked otherwise unless prompted by PointCare.