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Q4 2021 Eligibility Update

Get ready to help more patients with these important changes to eligibility criteria. Stay up to date with PointCare.

8,796 Details Keeping Your Uninsured Patients From Getting Coverage

During 2020 we saw a record high of 8,796 changes to health programs across the country, including new programs, eligibility criteria, and updated applications. It is likely that many of these changes were driven by COVID-19 and the shifting healthcare landscape. Although Q4’s 1,394 changes were the fewest of any quarter, more programs overall had some kind of change when compared to the previous quarter. 

Uninsured Eligibility: Updates and Changes Q3 2020

As COVID-19 stretches into the fall, we continue to see the effects of the pandemic on public and private benefit programs. With more changes than ever, including changes to eligibility, the introduction of new programs, and Medicaid expansions, an increasing number of patients are eligible for coverage.

New Medicaid Expansions

Three states are expanding Medicaid in the next year, affecting over half a million Americans. This change will allow for more people to meet Medicaid criteria, particularly low income childless adults. With more patients than ever before, qualifying patients quickly and accurately is key to converting self-pay to covered visits.