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How to Create a Rewarding Work Place

A psychologist named Frederick Herzberg in the 50’s and 60’s was trying to discover what the factors of employee satisfaction were. Why? Dissatisfaction in the workplace can lead to staff turnover, training new people, and lost revenue from poor production.


Open-heart for Opioid Awareness

The countdown has entered single-digits.

The room filled with warm conversations about the weekend but started to pour over with excitement as we flagged a few more employees. We brought our attention towards the last few beats.

Have You Heard? Short-Term Plans are Now Available!

What is an STP?

Short-Term Plans were designed for healthy individuals, and families, to provide an affordable safety net while going through a major life change. Some of those changes include: loss of job, recent college graduate, a divorce, or retired and not quite eligible forMedicare. Should one of your health systems members be going through a "qualifying event" such as one of those listed above, STPs might be the right option for them! 

Strides Toward a Healthier Community - My Story

"With the tools we have and knowledge we continue to gain each day, I look forward to the day we can happily say that our communities are fully insured. Let's continue striving for a healthier community."